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Galaxy Journey 3D Screensaver 1.3

Galaxy Journey 3D Screensaver 1.3: Galaxy Journey 3D screensaver takes you on a lovely journey through the galaxies aver takes you on a journey through the galaxies as you blast off in to space. In a new 3D Galaxy Journey screensaver you can see beautiful galaxies, huge rotating worm holes, worm hole tunnel traveling, asteroid fields, space stations, planets and beautiful nebulas all by advanced 3D-accelerated rendering. The registered version contains original music by our own composer also ability to setup your own music(mp3 file) you like, unlock all space

Golf Adventure Galaxy 2.10: New Game Release:Golf Adventure Galaxy
Golf Adventure Galaxy 2.10

Hit the greens like never before in Golf Adventure Galaxy! Get into a galactic 3-D world of golf, with unearthly puzzles and unusual space traps you`ll want to stay out of this world for hours. If one golf world is too cramped for you, go to a different galaxy and conquer another first. See just how many special boss levels you can complete.

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Survey Galaxy 1.0: Create, design and publish online surveys and publish them on the Internet.
Survey Galaxy 1.0

Survey Galaxy`s online survey software allows you to create professional looking online surveys and questionnaires and deploy them via the Internet. It is fast, easy and low cost. No software to download, ideal for all types of surveys and questionnaires. Survey Galaxy is the survey tool that is suitable for all types of businesses, large and small, perfect for market research, customer feedback and employee satisfaction surveys.

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Starships Unlimited 3.5: Build an interstellar empire from the ground up!
Starships Unlimited 3.5

ancient alien artifacts and fight pirates as you expand your empire. In this game, starships are the heroes! Watch detailed space combat take place before your eyes. Research over 200 technologies from 4 ages. Keep your worlds and starships up-to-date with your latest technologies. Encounter alien races. Build up a spy network. Use it to keep track of others or to steal some of their technology. Only one civilization can rule the galaxy. Will it

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Ares Galaxy 2.0: Ares Galaxy - Peer to Peer file sharing.
Ares Galaxy 2.0

Ares Galaxy is a free peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to share any digital file including pictures, mp3`s, videos, software programs, etc. Search for, download, and share, unlimited files. Ares Lite also has chat rooms. You can start your own chat room or just join another chat room and meet new file sharing friends.

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Galaxy Dance Screensaver 1.0: From you desktop you can observe some strange dancing galaxies.
Galaxy Dance Screensaver 1.0

From you desktop you can observe some strange dancing galaxies. These galaxies consist of millions of colorful bubbles, moving in 3D world and forming new figures. But if you don`t like galaxies you can imagine sea depth with plankton or anything you want. Leave your thouhgts with free galaxy dance screensaver. A lot of special effects and numerous settings will not leave you indifferent. Try it now, just few clicks to install!

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Eddie Galaxy 1.0: Exterminate mutant bugs in classic arcade style.
Eddie Galaxy 1.0

As Eddie Galaxy, your job is to exterminate huge monster insects all across the universe. Blast through ten planets, with 50 levels of action, including bonus rounds in outer space between each planet. You`ll have to collect Power-Ups by completing Special Missions in order to survive! This is one tough arcade game!

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